Actus Labs

This section gives an outline of this experimental feature, implementing a selection of .tutorial gives an introduction to the general idea of the Actus standard, described in the taxonomy and technical specification.

Actus Labs allows to design, generate and analyse financial contracts declaratively without any programming required. It has Blockly workspace to construct contract terms. It is also planned to add analytics sidebar with cashflows plotting and other stats.

At the moment, it supports Principal At Maturity (PAM) contract from ACTUS standard. The essence of this contract is a bond/loan with optional periodic interest payments.


There are two ways to generate a contract:

  • “Generate static contract” generates simple contract with predefined payoffs. Such contract cannot receive data from the outside. For example if interest rate resets are enabled, one would need to get new interest rate periodically from external off-chain data source (Oracle) - this is only possible with “Generate reactive contract” button.

  • “Generate reactive contract” generates a contract with dynamically computed payoffs. This is achieved by embedding original payoff formulas into the Marlowe contract.